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Main Features

  • Center drilling, drilling, drill finishing (chamfer)

  • Thread taping and milling

  • Line and arc engraving

  • Text engraving

  • Cylindrical, rectangular or arbitrary shaped pocket milling

  • Cylindrical, rectangular, polygonal or arbitrary shaped object milling

  • Finishing quality selectable for whole project or any single project part

  • Tool holder with up to 99 tools

  • Relational tool data base with tool data (speeds, feed rates, etc) related to block material

  • Tools in toolholder automaticaly (manual override) attributed to each task

  • Milling parameters individually selectable for every entity

  • Elementary CAD for arc, circle and line drawing

  • Drawing to milling object conversion (Object decomposition)

  • Object to drawing conversion (Object composition)

  • Move, copy, multiple copy, turn, scale and mirror commands

  • Compilation report

  • Configurable postprocessor (may also be used independently of GSIMPLE)

  • 3D Wire Frame Graphics screen

  • 3D on screen animation (Run, Pause, Single Step)

  • Report printing

G-Simple is freeware