Why is GSIMPLE free?


GSIMPLE has been developed as a “pet project” -that is for fun! I just got bored of writing and rewriting G-Code programs for our milling machine. The fisrt version did not have a graphics interface -you could not see your part on the screen. It used a simple text file for input. GSIMPLE has grown up a lot since then. Current Version (2.04) is an intergrated G-Code programming environment for simple milling jobs.

Will GSimple harm my files?


GSIMPLE will not harm your computer or your files in any way. There are no add-ups, it will not gather any information from your computer, it will not delete your files and will not try to connect to the internet.

How can I unistall GSimple?


Run the unistall script. Or delete the files and the directories that the installer has created or the entire folder (if you have installed it on a separate folder).
GSimple is a small program. It does not include any dll’s and it will not change anything in your system files.

How can I change from metric (mm) to english (inch) units?


Run the supplied gslogin.exe file. Alternatively, edit the gslogin.cfg file (it is in the same directory with the executable files) and change the USERUNIT parameter. Valid values are MM and INCH

How can I change the background color?


Open the configuration file through the Setup/Configuration menu selection, edit the line BACKGROUND BLACK and change it to BACKGROUND WHITE, save the file, exit Notepad and restart GSimple.

How can I change the user and company names?


Open the gslogin.cfg file with notepad and change the following lines:
USER Your Name
COMPANY Your Company
save the file, exit Notepad and restart GSimple.
You may also add a logo and a logo-image, to be used on the printed report, through the configuration commands
COMPANY_IMG “c:/My Documants/My Pictures/My Image.jpg”

Can I open .gsi files by double clicking on them?


Yes, but only after assigning .gsi files to Gsimple.exe. To assign, double click on any .gsi file, click “Browse” button on the dialog opened, choose gsimple.exe and click “Always open this file type with this program”

Several commands, like HELP, VIEW GCODE, EDIT GCODE etc do nothing. Are they locked?


No, nothing is locked! HELP, VIEW GCODE and PRINT REPORT use your browser. They seem to do nothing because the can’t invoke it. Similarily EDIT GCODE and CONFIGURE use Windows Notepad, If they can’t invoke it, they do nothing.
In order to fix this problem open gsimple.cfg with Notepad, Wordpad or any other ascii (simple text) editor and change the following lines, in such a way that they will point to the real location where your files are.HTMLVIEW “c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE”
For example, if NOTEPAD is in c:\WIN\ you change the EDIT line to



When I am trying to compile a project I get an ‘Fxy out of range error’. What have I done wrong?


Look at your tool library. Fxy is the horizontal feed rate. Fz the plunging feed rate. The library stores two type of data for every tool:
A. Geometry data (diameter, legth, number of flutes etc)
B. Milling data (speed, feeds etc)
Milling data are material dependend. Materials are grouped together in ‘Material Groups”. The library is able to store a set of milling parameters for every tool and every material group.
The message ‘Fxy out of range’ indicates that there are no milling parameter set has been found in the library.
To fix it, go to the tools library and add it

Text engraving quality is poor. Can I fix it?


Yes, there is a fix!
Open the configuration file, through the “Setup/Configuration” menu selection, change the NCHRARCSEG paremeter from 6 to 0.24, save the file and restart gsimple.
NCHRARCSEG stands for Nominal Character Arc Segment. The nominal size of a character is 12 User Units. Gsimple will engrave a small line for every arcsegment with an angle of NCHRARCSEG. In mm mode there is no problem with the default setting: 6 deg means a 60 circle with a diameter of 12 mm will be engraved as a polygon with 60 edges. In inch mode 6 deg is too big, because the nominal character is 12″.
The suggested value of 0.24 is aprox equa with 6/25.4

I am importing a dxf file but I get a “0 dxf entities found” message and my drawing is not imported! Why?


GSimple does not recognise blocks in a dxf file. “Explode” the blocks in your CAD system, save the file in DXF format and import it again in GSimple.

What can Gsimple not do?


1. GSimple is a 2.5 axis system. You can’t produce a sphaire, for example, or a pyramid.
2. You can’t make islands (one or more bulges placed in a pocket)
3. Bulges and pockets are restricted in size. The maximum number of segments (lines and arcs) in a bulge or pocket is 128.
4. Pockets, bulges, drills, threads etc are all restricted in number:

  • Bulges: 32
  • Pockets: 64
  • Cylindrical pockets: 128
  • Drills: 1024
  • Threads: 128
  • Longholes: 128
  • Engraving elements: 8192
  • Text engravings: 128

What will Gsimple do wrong?


GSimple version 2.04 will look at the “back side” of the tool and inform you if your part is unproducable or if the selected tool is to big in diameter for the job.
An example of an non producable shape is a pocket whith two subsequent sides meeting at an angle smaller than 180 degrees.
An example of a bigger that allowed tool is an object with two bulges one next to the other at a distance smaller than the tool diameter.
GSimple will not look for such restrictions when it automatically selects a tool. The message will appear at compilation time. GSimple will just inform you about it with a warning and mark the problem area with a cross.
You can see this problem by running the gcode on the screen as a path intersection.
To fix it assign a smaller tool to this layer or pocket manually.

Known bugs


Excess material removal will fail if the block is smaller than the tool radious
‘Make Report’ is sometimes inaccurate. In some cases one or more tools are completely missing from the report – but not from the G-Code!Composing a bulge or a pocket sometimes garbles the shape. To fix it: undo the compose command and retry it starting from another part of the drawing

G-Simple is distributed free of any charge